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About I got started

After my uncle passed away in 2011, I started a Family Photography business. Since then, I’ve been asked a TON of questions by fellow moms who want to start a business, and photographers that want to grow their business. So, I decided to design a blog based around helping and sharing the tips and tricks I’ve learned throughout the years while growing my business, diving into motherhood, and still managing to survive in the photography industry. Throughout my site you’ll find my favorite tips and tricks to surviving being a business owner, a mom, and balancing both.

A little about me:

I’m you’re typical college grad with the exception of having a very spontaneous side. I absolutely love riding street bikes aka motorcycles (I have a 2009 blue ninja). I love sky diving and bungee jumping. I married my first boyfriend. I love taking road trips. I started my photography business overnight and have loved every minute of it. My husband and I now both do photography full time. My first child was my very first puppy, a german-shepherd-pit-bull mix named Cian (key-in)6 months after adopting Cian I found out his biological sister was in dire need of a home, so we packed our bags and hours later drove from Southern California to Everette, Washington and saved her life, adopted her and brought her home.  In 2013, we welcomed a brand new little boy into our family, and now are a complete family of 5 doing life together and living in the beautiful Orange County, California.

You can read about one of the many reasons we started the Kincannon Family Photography business, {here}

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