Making Life Easier

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Being a stay at home mom / work at home mom can be a taxing job. Sometimes, it doesn’t feel like anyone can relate. From being selective on who watches my little one, and balancing between mom life and work life, I’ve definitely needed to find things to “make life a little easier”.

This week in efforts to make life easier, I’ve signed up for Amazon Fresh (groceries being delivered to our doorstep), and our friendly “Mr. Clean”

as our son calls him.

Back in my college days I lived with 4 guys, they had one of these robots, and I thought, “How cool, but… how lazy.” Then, I became a mom, and thought “I need help cleaning. Between my son dropping food on the ground and not wanting the dogs to eat it, I could only do so much. So, I opted for the help of a robot. Someone who doesn’t lie, steal, or cheat to me a robot was the perfect dependable option. Now, he may not get every ounce of food, but at least he’ll clean once a day leaving me to only deep clean/vacuum once a week.
I’ll keep ya’ll updated on how it goes but for the first day of using “Mr. Clean” it’s done well so far!

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