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What you NEED to have on your Baby Registry


What you NEED to have on your Baby Registry

What you need to have on your Baby Registry.

Being a first time parent is a tricky thing. I remember planning my registry and thought, “When should I create my baby shower registry?” “What should I put on my baby registry?” “What are the necessities for my baby shower registry?” ” What do I NEED to have on my Baby Registry” I remember wanting to make sure I didn’t forget anything important. So, I started with the essentials: bath, food, sleep. I put together my registry online adding the most important things first.

So, here are all the details for what you NEED to have on your Baby Registry. The absolute necessities when it comes to planning your Baby Shower Registry.

I’m going to give you the list of what my necessities were for me, and what helped me out the most.

  1. Bath Tub:
  • Personally, I love {this tub} because my kid is almost 2 and I still use it. This allows me to save money by not buying him a new tub between him being a newborn and 2 years old. He laid in it as a Newborn, and once he began sitting, I had him scoot down and sit in it.


2. Pump:

  • We purchased a Medela pump. I absolutely loved this. It was perfect for on the go, and to use at home. We also purchased a nipple top for the bottle after I was pregnant. I wish someone had told me about this sooner. My son had the hardest time transitioning from me to the bottle, for the first 5 days he would not breast feed, it was so difficult so after a ton of online research I found THIS CAP BY MEDELA and after using it the first time on a bottle, he began to breastfeed. Honestly, get it.. just in case your baby doesn’t want to breast feed. I highly recommend it and it’ll save you the stress.


3. Swaddles

  • When Matthew was little I use to swaddle him. These swaddles are great for helping him feel nice and cozy throughout the night without the worry of the blanket unraveling.


4. Baby Rocker / Bed

  • We loved this baby bed. He used it until he was 6 months old. This allowed us to not shell out a ton of money for a crib right away and it was small enough for him to sleep right next to me at night.


I hope this has helped you! Moms are all so different so what ended up being my necessities, may not be another moms necessities, but all I can tell you is these 4 things are the key items that helped me through my first few months of Motherhood.


You’ll notice most items are on Amazon. They also have a Baby Registry! I totally wish I had known about this sooner. I think it’d make it a lot easier on guests at my baby shower since most people have Amazon Prime & Free 2-day shipping.



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