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What does V&O mean

What does v&o mean??

What does it mean?

What’s the benefit in it?

Should I do a v& o?

All of those questions are things that are probably running through your head right now. Just take a breath, sit back in your chair, and let me explain what a v&o/aka viewing & ordering session aka a Premiere is and why we do it, and then you can decide if it’s something you should add to your business. Sound good? Ok. Let’s dig in.

Lately we’ve been working on some new ideas for the business..

Not only adding some amazing people to our team but re-branding and offering our Clients, not just the digital images, but an all inclusive consultative experience!

Our specialized Premiere allows our clients to view their images in the comfort of their own home, allowing them to visualize how they would use them to accent their home with memories and order the heirloom items that they will pass down to their children and will be passed down to their children’s children. The most common thing we’ve noticed is that a lot of people simply insist on the digital images, then have no idea where to place them in their home, so those images just end up staying on a DVD or USB drive. Eventually those will become obsolete, just like floppy discs and VHS tapes. It is a chore to try and get images off a floppy disc or find a VHS player anymore and eventually it will be the same with DVDs and flash drives.

What a waste, right? And simply, not fun! They’ve already devoted their time to making sure they had great images of them and their loved one(s). So why not give them a specialized personal home viewing consultation (aka The Premiere), and present some of the best prints and products that can be offered?

So, here’s what a Premiere with Kincannon Photography consists of:

We show up to the client’s home approximately 1-2 weeks after their session. When we arrive, we create an ambiance of family in their home. This means that we have selected treats, music, and set ups that give our families a comfortable feeling when we are presenting. We then use this time to show them their images and consult them on what they can do with them to decorate their home and fill it with love. We offer everything from standard gift prints to large wall art and albums. We then help them select a package that fits their needs and place their order. This process has helped us hugely with providing a complete service to our clients, which they love us for, and the ability to make quite a bit more on each session that we do.

If you are looking at providing a complete, exciting, and individualized experience to your clients, then I would highly recommend considering adding Premieres to your business structure. Your clients will love it!



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what does v&o mean?
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