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SUV stuck in the sand

On Sunday, we decided to pack up the SUV and head from Boise, Idaho, to Orange County, California, through Central California, and back to Boise.

Since we’ve wanted to travel more, we opted to take a route we were somewhat familiar with through Utah while trying a new route back home through the 101 freeway.

While we’ll be sharing another video about our road trip journey, in this video, we’ll share some footage of our we got our SUV stuck in the sand.

There is only one place where you can drive your vehicle on the beach in the central part of California. So, that’s what we did.

While we were driving… I was following the tracks another vehicle had made.. once I drove on it, I  realized it was soft sand.. however, I didn’t say anything. About a minute later, Jeremiah, and Flo who were all in the car, said, “No! Don’t drive on the soft sand” out of fear, I took my foot off the brake (Little did they know… I had already been driving on soft sand about 20 seconds before they noticed, haha. I knew not to stop, but I got scared when they shouted so…. I took my foot off the brake.

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