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ST. George Utah – Things to do

Thunder Junction Park

Our trip happened a bit spontaneously.

On Sunday morning, we went to church and ran into somebody who’s from Chico, CA. Long story short, they ended up knowing my uncle, who is a pastor in Chico, California.

That conversation led to me telling Jeremiah, “We should go to California and visit family.”

While we weren’t able to see my uncle in Chico, we ended up going home after church, packing our bags, and hitting the road to head to Orange County, CA, to drive through Utah, Nevada to Orange County, then driving up the 101 to head back home. This way, we could visit some extraordinary people, including my mom, who I haven’t seen for almost two years.

Our first stop was in St. George, Utah. We stayed at a hotel for the first time since our house flooded back in 2018, which put us in a hotel for a week. (I’ll get into that in another video).

Thankfully it’s pretty easy to find a hotel that accommodates two dogs, two kids, and two adults.

We arrived Sunday night at the hotel. Since it was so late, we headed straight to bed.

When we woke up in the morning, Jeremiah headed to work, so the kids and I decided to head to a local park. You guys, this park was awesome.
The park is called Thunder Junction; they have a variety of play equipment, including dinosaur slides, a dinosaur-themed garden, splash pad, train rides, & shaded picnic areas for kids, climbing walls, and so much more. It is set up to accommodate kids with different abilities. How amazing is that? Our kids loved it, and we made some wonderful friends. If you drive through St. George, definitely check it out.

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