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ShootQ vs Tave

ShootQ vs Tave

I had never used a client management system before working in my photography business. Having one has helped me to keep organized in so many ways. Honestly, I would be totally lost if I didn’t have one! With that said, these are the two I have used and my experience with both of them.


1. Easy to set up

Never having used a client management system before, I was curious at how easy this process would be. To my surprise, it was an extremely easy process.

2. Add on’s during check out

This is great, especially if you have a lot of options as a photographer. When you send someone their contract and invoice they go through the process of booking your services, and before they pay, your client has the option to add on anything they’d like, whether that’s a rush order, a canvas, additional hours of shooting, etc. I find this to be such a great feature and absolutely loved it.

3. The Look.

I love the way ShootQ looks. It’s customizable and beautiful. Especially from the Clients end which is really important to me.


1. Nearly half the price of ShootQ.

As budget oriented as I am, I love that I save nearly 1/2 of what I pay for ShootQ. This allows me to put that extra money towards marketing or into a savings account. Every little penny counts. Especially when it’s $15 a month which adds up to about $180 a year.

2. Customizable dashboard

A huge factor in our workflow is seeing what needs to be done next for each client. Having the ability to customize the dashboard to my liking is perfect.

3. Add initials throughout different parts of the contract

Although I love that ShootQ has a box at the end of the contract that the client checks to ensure they’ve read it.. I love even more that Tave has the option to require initials throughout the contract.

Thanks for checking out my Shootq vs Tave article!

All in all, I chose Tave. If you’d like to try Tave too I’ve attached a {free 60 day trail you can check out here}!


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