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Almost losing my baby – Progesterone Deficiency

Progesterone Deficiency

Almost losing my baby – What to check for


It was January 13th 2013 when I found out I was pregnant. What is suppose to be a beautiful and exciting time in a new-moms life was one of the most challenging and scariest times in my life. I had my head in the sink & toilet every single day up until my due date with “morning sickness”, I almost miscarried a few times due to bleeding, high blood pressure, and being deficient in progesterone.

I was recently talking with a new friend who had had a miscarriage. After talking with her she had told me it was because she had a progesterone deficiency and the doctor didn’t catch it in time.

I’m writing you this blog because as I soar through google, I realize that is a more common problem that really anyone can face.

I had never heard about losing a baby due to a deficiency in progesterone, but then again I had never been pregnant before. Luckily, I had an amazing OBGYN at Kaiser and she was able to catch it in time to save my baby’s life.

I was 12 weeks pregnant meeting with a friend to chat business and in the mist of a barista yelling, “White Chocolate Latte” and my friend and I brainstorming marketing ideas, I received a phone call from my OBGYN. Knowing that my doctor never calls me, I quickly went outside to check my voicemail. As I was listening to this voice on the other end my heart sunk as the words, “You need to go to the hospital right away and pick up your prescription of progesterone as soon as possible or you could lose the baby.” I was so low on progesterone that I had to take it internally and was on the verge of losing my son.

I raced through Orange County and headed straight to Kaiser to grab my prescription and went home to take it immediately. This wasn’t the first time that I was at risk for having a miscarriage. While I was 5 weeks pregnant I experienced bleeding and had to go to the hospital so, to experience this progesterone deficiency just a few weeks after was pretty scary for me.

There are a handful of people who lost their babies because of this, and it’s so heartbreaking. It can be prevented so, I urge you to ask your doctors to check you for progesterone levels ahead of time (if possible), or if you’ve already lost a baby due to this, ask for Progesterone when your first find out your pregnant, some OBGYN’s won’t give it to you, and some will. I’ve known people that have lost their babies and their OBGYN wouldn’t prescribe it to them ahead of time, so they switched to an OBGYN that would. Now, I don’t know if this always worked, but it worked for me so I highly suggest just talking with your OBGYN about it.

I’m not a doctor, but I am a mom who almost had a miscarriage because of the progesterone deficiency so, I wanted to blog about this to bring awareness & if this can help save even one baby’s life and the heartache of a mom, I think it’s worth it to just to open up a dialogue with your OBGYN about a progesterone deficiency.


This can be prevented, so spread the word and talk to your OBGYN.


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Progesterone Deficiency


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