Organization for photographers

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Organization for photographers


I would love to see a post about how you organize your email, and keep track of incoming inquiries, as I’m getting busier and busier, I want to make sure things aren’t falling through the cracks and that I’m doing things in the most efficient way. Thanks!”

Here are a few options that we’ve found help us make the most of our time.

1. For client management one of our favorite ways to help us stay organized is by using a client management system. We use ShootQ. ShootQ is a helpful customized client management software that allows us to assign and follow workflows for each of our clients. This keeps all of our communications with our clients in one place. For example, if we set up Sally into ShootQ, we can click on her name and see all communications we’ve had with her, see her contract, any paid/outstanding payments, notes, workflow, what needs to done next, etc. We also have the ability to set up emails to go out when certain things are completed, or if payments are past due. All in all, ShootQ allows us to see where we’re at with each individual client and keep track of each individual client.

2. If you don’t have the budget for a CRM, I recommend having an excel sheet and keeping track of your leads, your clients, and your workflows (what needs to be done and when).


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