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Natural ways to kill fleas

Natural ways to kill fleas with at home remedies


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After weeks of battling with fleas I thought there had to be a better and more natural way to kill fleas with home remedies, than giving my pups pills to digest or topical ointments that made them break out. Not only are my dogs allergic to the ingredients in some of the topical ointments but I just wasn’t comfortable giving those to them. After trying a handful of holistic tips I found ONE thing that worked.

This bottle of bug armor. I bought it off amazon after reading reviews and I’ve been so in love with it ever since. This as been one of my favorite natural ways to kill fleas.

Since the purchase of the bug armor and using it for a few weeks, my dogs haven’t had fleas. It has been such a blessing. (I first tested it out on my skin, and a small portion of my dogs skin to make sure they wouldn’t break out. Which I highly recommend) After none of us had allergic reactions to it I began spraying it on each of my dogs before their daily walks, then spraying it around the house. I also combed all the fleas out of my dogs fur, vacuumed like crazy, and gave Cian & Lacey a bath with some shampoo.

Since then I’ve been adding a little Lavender oil to a 4 ounce spray bottle and began spraying the house with it. So far we’re almost a year in and we’re still flea-free! I thought to myself.. “I wonder if this bug armor is really killing the fleas.. I mean, my dogs are itching less but there’s only one way to truly find out.”

I then took two tupperware containers, sprayed one with the bug armor, and the other with another known “flea killer” then grabbed my flea comb and began combing my two dogs, Lacey and Cian, and put any fleas I could find into each tupperware. In the tupperware with bug armor the fleas lost motion and died within seconds. In the other container, they were alive for about 30+ minutes, and showed no signs of dying anytime soon.

My dogs haven’t had fleas for months now, and on a weekly or monthly basis I go around my house and spray it with lavender diluted oil for up keep or I use the bug armor. Not only does it smell good, but it kills fleas and after more experiments I decided to spray the border of my windows and have noticed a decrease in spiders and bugs around the house!

I hope this helps you with a more natural ways to kill fleas, than the topical poisons!



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