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Matthews Night at the ER

Matthews Night at the ER


Last night as I was sitting at my desk working on client orders for our family photography business when I heard Cian (our german shepherd pit bull) and Matthew running and chasing around the house. This is nothing new as we allow our kids (two dogs and toddler) to play freely and enjoy playing a good ol’ game of chase. Well, it was then that Matthew ran behind my chair towards the window, he looked back and me and I thought, “How cute! Cian is actually chasing and playing with Matthew). Jeremiah had just walked downstairs with our other dog, Lacey to take her out for her walk, and as Matthew is running towards the window, he looks back at me, trips, turns forward, and smack his head on the window sill. Cian ran out of the room, I pushed the chair back, grabbed Matthew as he was just about in arms reach and picked him up faster than superman could have ever picked him up. As I grabbed him and faced him my way I saw his forehead, that white piece of skull, also known as a bone. The only thing that ran through my mind is, “That’s bone. I’ve never seen bone, but THAT’S BONE!” I set down Matthew, ran through the house, yelled for Jeremiah in hopes that he wasn’t already down the block with Lacey, I ran into the sliding screen door, ran into the dog door, tripped and ate it so hard, then ran to the front door and yelled for Jeremiah to call 911. He ran upstairs, left Lacey outside.. and typically Lacey will run away, so it was a miracle that when J went back outside to get her she was standing at the bottom of the stairs in pure shock and terror and looking at her surroundings. I told Jeremiah to call 911, I picked up Matthew, Jeremiah grabbed my phone, we ran to grab gauze and cloth to stop the bleeding. By this time the blood was on the floor, on his clothes, all over his face, and in his ear. I held Matthew so tight and was so shooked up I couldn’t stop shaking. Luckily we live near the Fire Department so they arrived within about 2-3 minutes of Jeremiah calling them. They came upstairs, and by that time the bleeding had dramatically slowed down. They gave us gauze and advice, then we headed to the hospital. I got in my car, prayed, and asked for prayer and as soon as I did, he began to calm down.

{Below you’ll see pictures. This boy LOVES pictures so we tried to distract him with my phone, taking pictures, and apps. Then everyone kept asking what happened so we figured we’d use them and write a blog to thank all of you and explain the craziness all in one blog.}




We arrived to the hospital and they had to hook him up to the monitor, he didn’t like that. It bothered him when they put the clip on his toe. :( No one likes being hooked up to machines, so we took pictures to try and distract him.


We arrived at the hospital, and Matthew was acting himself. As we went back to the room we sat on the bed and watched VeggieTales on my phone. We sang, and tried to think about anything other than him getting stitches.

This is when we were sitting on the hospital bed together watching veggietales, then decided to take a picture of how sad we were.
He was upset. Not because of the gash in his head.. but because VeggieTales froze and that warranted a cry and sad face from us both.


Here’s a video of us singing VeggieTales in the emergency room

Once the doctors came in, they told me how well he was doing and that they’re going to burrito him up and do his stitches. In that moment, I knew he wasn’t going to have that. Sure enough.. the swaddle him up and hold him down. I watched as that hook-looking needle pierced through his skin, and my gosh. It was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever witnessed him going through.

Jeremiah was a champ through it all, he was super calm, and made sure to grab the necessities before heading to the hospital.

I was standing right by Matthew’s head trying to keep him calm, talk to him, sing, watch veggietales, anything.. but as soon as that needle went through it pained me so much and no distraction could make up for him seeing that thing come so close to his eyes. He just kept looking at me yelling, “All Done!” “All Done!” a phrase that I make sure to honor anytime he doesn’t want to do something as I never want him to be forced to be in an uncomfortable situation.. but this was different. I knew he was, “All done” but.. the doctors weren’t and he had 4 more stitches to go (he needed 5). As I took a seat right next to him, I saw him looking at me through the corner of his eyes, and he was having trouble seeing me.. so I stood back up, and tried to comfort him through the pain and made sure he could see me..


Honestly, it was SO HARD seeing him go through that and hearing him say, “All Done!” and not being able to make it “all done”. Once they did the last stitch they were finally done, I quickly, unwrapped him, picked him up and he was drenched in sweat from that experience. Jeremiah was calm, and so brave holding him down. I think we were just all glad that it was over.

Aftewards Matthew looks at me and says, “water”. So Jeremiah gets a drink from the nurse and they surprise him with juice. He was ecstatic. Like, so happy that it seemed like he wasn’t’ at the hospital.

They gave him a juice box, even though he asked for water. He was happy! This was literally RIGHT after he got his stitches in.

Then Grandpa came to the hospital to surprise him and oh my gosh, Matthew got even more excited. Since then he has been his happy self. We’ve woken up throughout the night to check on him, and he’s been wanting to play all morning.

My Dad came to surprise him! He was SO excited to see his grandpa!


We know so many of you had questions and we just wanted to say, THANK YOU for your prayers for our family and Matthew. Also, thank you for your text and phone calls. They meant so much to us. Matthew will have a doctors appointment on Tuesday to make sure all his healing well. :)


This morning he was as happy as could be!

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