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Mailchimp vs Madmimi

Mailchimp vs Madmimi

As a full time photographer and business owner I have found it vitally important to have a mailing list that people can join. The tough part is, finding a company that works for you. I had Mail Chimp for about 3 years and just recently switch to Madmimi for a few reasons. Hence the reason for this blog, Mailchimp vs Madmimi.

So, without further ado, here are a few reasons I made the switch from Mailchimp to Madmimi.

1. With Mailchimp I had a list of 1500 people. Some people’s e-mails were in there under my “All Subscribers” mailing list and my “Family Clients” mailing list, and Mailchimp counted that person twice, which isn’t good when you only have the capacity to add 2,000 names. I can’t have my subscribers counted twice when it’s one e-mail, in different groups. With madmimi, it’s only counted as one person, so I can add that particular subscriber to as many lists as I need to without having it counted as multiple people. This helps with the fact that on base/free package you can only add 2,000 people, so why have people counted twice?

2. Categorizing lists. As an entrepreneur and a photographer that specializes in more than one category it’s important for me to have lists, and know that each subscriber is in a list that pertains to them. For example, someone who loves Family Photography should be in the ‘Family Photography’ list. With Madmimi I can send out an e-mail to all of my subscribers, and have a picture of a family inside with a link attached to it. Anyone who clicks that family picture will automatically be added to the Family List. This means that, even though they stay on the list they are currently on, it helps me be able to find out what pertains to them, and it helps me to only send e-mails out to what they are interested in.

3. The customer support. Now, I haven’t had to use Mailchimps customer support, but what I can tell you is that a few weeks ago I had a question for Madmimi, and they replied quickly. Even though they didn’t provide the extra service I was asking about, they offered to categorize my list so I could see who opens, and who has never opened my e-mails.

4. The one thing I truly do LOVE about Mailchimp is the fact that I can look at my entire list, and categorize it by who has opened my e-mails the most, and who has opened them the least amount. This is so huge and was a big part of the way I used my marketing techniques.

5. For the free account, you can add more subscribers to madmimi for free, than you can on Mailchimp.

Overall, I choose madmimi.

Visit Madmimi here by clicking for a free membership!

mailchimp vs madmimi

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