Download Wins For Work How To Survive Thrive And Advance At Work online

Wins for work: How to survive, thrive and advance at work

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Publisher: booksmango (February 18, 2016)


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Succeeding at work these days is no walk in the park. It takes targeted effort, wisdom, intuition and some common sense. With constant change, unending competitiveness and bruising office politics, it is reckless to simply put your head down, plough away and hope to be successful.

In ‘’Wins for Work’ Leadership, Career and Personal development expert, Vera Ama Ng’oma gives you authoritative advice and real world valuable perspectives on what you need to consistently do to win at work including top grade principles on how to;.

Leverage your skills and perform at the top of your game

Earn respect, recognition for your high levels of productivity

Act maturely in high pressure situations and get noticed

Earn autonomy, freedom and confidence to do your best work

Be intentional about adapting to change rapidly and skilfully

Communicate in a more purposeful way about what you offer

Build credibility and confidence quickly even before need arises

The definitive guide to helping you get under the skin of your workplace, ‘’Wins for Work’’ gives you straightforward, concise, and essential advice to take workplace challenges in your stride, make your successes greater and your personal advancement phenomenal.

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