Download Tefuga A Novel Of Suspense The James Pibble Mysteries online

Tefuga: A Novel of Suspense (The James Pibble Mysteries)

Peter Dickinson

Format: Print Length

Language: English

Pages: 258

Publisher: Open Road Media Mystery & Thriller (May 5, 2015)


Format: PDF / Kindle / ePub

Size: 8 MB

Downloadable formats: PDF

In this evocative tale of suspense from CWA Gold Dagger winner Peter Dickinson, a British diplomat’s wife in Nigeria inadvertently precipitates a senseless tragedy, and six decades later, her son becomes caught up in a maelstrom of violent political corruption

Filmmaker Nigel Jackland has come to northern Nigeria to work on a new project: a documentary based on the personal diary entries of his mother. Sixty years have passed since Betty Jackland first accompanied her husband, Ted, to this colonial African backwater, resolving to be a perfect helpmate and wife to Britain’s district officer in the emirate of Kiti.
But Betty’s fascination with the local Kitawa tribe, innate sense of justice, and irrepressibly independent spirit mean she could never turn a blind eye to the suffering of oppressed women—particularly the abused wives of the ruling emir. She never imagined that her strong words and actions could have violent consequences in the shadow of Tefuga Hill—or that the echoes of the tragedy would resound dangerously in the life of her own son many years on.
Linking two stories separated by more than half a century and relating them in alternating chapters, Tefuga is an enthralling, evocative, and suspenseful tale of corruption, imperialism, race, and murder. A master of both style and substance, Dickinson brilliantly re-creates times and places in stunning detail, transporting readers to an Africa so remarkably realistic they can almost feel the equatorial winds on their faces.


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