Download Sticks N Bones Music Minus One Trombone for free

Sticks 'n Bones: Music Minus One Trombone

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Pages: 24

Publisher: Music Minus One (May 1, 2016)

ISBN: 1596154837

Format: PDF / Kindle / ePub

Size: 8.7 MB

Downloadable formats: PDF

(Music Minus One). This collection of encore pieces have met with great success wherever the New York Brass Quintet has performed. Opportunities abound for bold crescendos and decrescendos; Latin rhythms, blues, folk material and marches; special effects; and serious works. A program which is a veritable bag of tricks for the brass player. Includes both complete and accompaniment versions. Welcome to the group! Includes a high-quality printed music score and a compact disc containing a complete performance with soloist; then a second version with the accompaniment, minus you, the soloist. Accompaniment: The New York Brass Quintet: Robert Nagel, trumpet; Allan Dean, trumpet; John Swallow, trombone; Thompson Hanks, tuba

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