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Ricoh's Sustainability Optimisation Programme

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Sustainability is a hot topic. There’s no debate on that point. However, it’s one of the few things when it comes to sustainability that is not up for debate, from what we mean by sustainability to what we need to do to be sustainable. The objective of the EFQM Sustainability Good Practice Competition was to identify a number of practical examples of approaches that could be shared and would encourage and inspire others. We received a total of 24 applications from 12 countries; from Europe, the Middle East and India. The standard of the applications was very high but our jury of experts in the field of CSR narrowed them down to 5 finalists. Ricoh’s Sustainability Optimisation Programme won the competition. In this Case Study, we will explore the approach taken by Ricoh in more detail; how it was developed and implemented as part of Ricoh’s Sustainability Strategy.


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