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Pokemon Y Guide

Paul Vhayste

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Language: English

Pages: 289

Publisher: Web Media Network Ltd.; 5 edition (November 27, 2013)


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Pokemon Y, along with Pokemon X is the sixth generation of the Pokemon Franchise. The players, or Pokemon trainers, will go on an adventure to reach the Pokemon League and become the Champion. Trainers will be traveling across the Kalos region, seeing new sights and meeting new friends. On this quest, they will also be able to encounter the legendary Pokemon: Yveltal.

The game includes over 80 new Pokemon, with the introduction of the new Fairy-type. This sixth generation Pokemon title also introduces Mega Evolutions. These are temporary but enhanced change certain Pokemon can achieve with different appearances, stats, abilities and even temporary change in type.

This guide give you a handy reference for getting started in the game, full details of how to play and information on the new Pokemon and evolutions as well as a full walkthrough of the game itself.

The guide is a work in progress and while most of it is covered here, more will be added in the coming weeks to complete this comprehensive guide. Please check your kindle account for updates as they become available.


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