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Poké Trainer Field Guide: Master Pokémon GO Manual

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The Ultimate Guide for the Ultimate Poké Trainer!

Welcome Poké Trainers!

You're about to embark on a long and challenging journey full of fun, friends and festivals! Only the best Poké Trainers will rise victorious. Do you think you have what it takes? You're about to find out. As you travel across the countryside in search of the elusive little creatures known as "Pokémon", you'll meet up with other trainers just like yourself. Use your Pokémon to win heroic battles in Poké Gyms and hold all the glory and respect of your friends! But watch out, as other Poké Trainers will challenge your position and attempt to steal away your gym. Only the best trainers will remain.

Every advantage you can get will put you one step ahead of the competition. Before you begin your journey, take this comprehensive Poké Trainer Field Guide. In it you'll find:

* Getting Started: What items you'll need before exploring the countryside.

* Pokémon Go 101: All the basic info you'll need to get caught up on this craze that's sweeping the world, including customizing your avatar and starter Pokémon.

* Catching Pokémon: Where to find this elusive monsters, how to capture them with your Poké balls, how to lure them with berries and more!

* Poké Eggs: All you need to know about eggs, egg types, incubators, lure modules and much, much more!

* Gyms: Gain the edge over the competition by learning the ins and outs of teams, battle maneuvers and how to control and lead a gym with your friends.

* Pokémon Match Strategies: Learn the secret arts of battle matchup strategies to counter your opponent's attacks with an advantage! Learn what Pokémon types are used for and the best strategy for any Poké battle.

* Poké Care: All you need to know about power ups, evolution, potions and more. Keep your Poké happy and they'll fight valiantly in battle.

* Trainer Training: Ways for YOU to level up and earn medals and badges you can show off to your family and friends.

* Trading Pokémon: How to trade Pokémon with your buddies, every about Pokéstops and more!

* Troubleshooting Info: How to fix a problem fast so you can get back to the battle--FAST!

This expert guide is brimming with helpful information every seasoned Poké Trainer such as yourself should know! There's a wild world of Pokémon out there, just waiting to be caught by you. Be sure not be caught without this guide--you never know when your opponent may have a copy in HIS pocket!

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