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Environmental Issues (Our Future Our World)

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Pages: 160

Publisher: Cambridge University Press (September 6, 1999)

ISBN: 0521426235

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There has been a marked increase of interest in environmental issues over the past couple of decades. Certain environments, such as National Parks, have captured our imagination for much longer. However, we have not been good at recognising the importance of those aspects of the environment with which we are very familiar such as our waterways, water catchment basins, our soils, our atmosphere, and our oceans. Concern for the environment becomes an issue when some activity provides a potential conflict with the ongoing health of the environment or different groups hold opposing views about what is best for the environment and those who use it. Environmental Issues encourages students to investigate environmental issues fully before making decisions about the best action to take. It encourages understanding of how an issue arises and how it was or could be resolved so that the interests of all involved are properly considered.

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