Download Deadly Intentions Blackmore Sisters Mystery Book 5

Deadly Intentions (Blackmore Sisters Mystery Book 5)

Leighann Dobbs

Format: Print Length

Language: English

Pages: 289



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What really happened to Johanna Blackmoore seven years ago?

Jolene Blackmoore has been asking that question about her mother’s mysterious death for a long time ... and now she’s determined to get an answer. Little does she know, her quest will change the course of her and her three sisters' lives forever.

A magical locket, a long-estranged aunt that shows up out of the blue, and a diabolical bad guy all play a part in pulling the girls into the heat of danger, and they are forced to put their newly-found paranormal skills to the test in a battle where losing could be deadly.

Before it's all over, friends might turn out to be enemies, enemies might turn out to be friends and a long hidden secret about the girls' ancestry will come to light.

Will they finally discover the shocking truth of what really happened to their mother?

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