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Comedy Girl

Ellen Schreiber

Format: Print Length

Language: English

Pages: 300

Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books; 1 edition (October 6, 2009)


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Trixie Shapiro may be one of the shyest students at Mason High, but she's also the funniest. When her best friend, Jazzy, signs her up to perform stand-up at Senior Talent Night, Trixie's terrified she'll absolutely choke. And as if a seemingly disastrous debut isn't enough, Trixie's drama teacher encourages her to try again—this time at the local comedy club, Chaplin's.

To her surprise, Trixie's confidence begins to swell, and a surefire comedy act is born. Trixie finds herself on a fast track, winning contests and earning a job as the opening comic at the comedy club. It's a dream come true. Then Trixie lands a boyfriend—her longtime crush, hipster Gavin Baldwin. Now caught between the increasing demands of two worlds, Trixie faces a difficult choice between a romantic, inviting path and a risky shot at comedic stardom.

Ellen Schreiber narrates an inspiring and entertaining story of a shy teen who, struggling to find her voice, discovers a shining place in the spotlight.

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