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Child and Family Welfare

Format: Hardcover

Language: English

Pages: 255

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing; 1st Unabridged edition (April 1, 2014)

ISBN: 1443855782

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Welfare is a multidimensional concept characterizing the state of the individual or a group. It includes a subjective component (self-assessment) and an objective component (external assessment) of material, physical, emotional and social dimensions. Given the current changes of the socio-economical environment, this concept is assuming a prominent role in the agenda of the social sciences. Social work focuses on studying welfare in developing programs and delivering interventions with the highest potential of improving the social functionality of individuals, groups or communities. Moreover, a rights-based approach is the only guarantee we have today for the respect of human dignity and the promotion of welfare for all people, not just those exposed or marginalized. Child and Family Welfare contains 22 papers focusing on welfare from both a theoretical perspective (by discussing the roles of the social work and theology), and an empirical one (by discussing its dimensions: emotional welfare, positive functioning, life satisfaction, and social welfare). This volume is a practical tool, helping the reader to understand the factors related to child and family welfare, and addresses both the general public and professionals, such as social workers, psychologists, therapists, and researchers from the social sciences, involved in promoting children's rights and family welfare.

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