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50 Paleo Recipes from My Natural Family

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Are you always on the search for new Paleo recipes because you are stuck in a rut?

Have you tried lots of the Paleo recipes out there, only to waste your time and expensive ingredients because the recipe is just not all that good?

I’m Rebecca and I am the author of I started eating Paleo over 10 years ago after discovering that I had a lot of different health issues, which led me to discover that I had multiple food allergies. After I went on a elimination diet to try and figure out was what I was allergic to, I discovered that the foods that were left were Paleo foods. I lived the Paleo lifestyle for years and created my own recipes before the Paleo diet existed, because I couldn’t find any recipes that worked for me. Imagine my surprise when I started blogging several years ago and found the Paleo diet. Since then I have created many more Paleo recipes and I’m happy to share them with you in this book.

I've spent years experimenting with different Paleo ingredients finding the perfect combinations so your food actually tastes good. You will find a wide range of recipes in my book, from simple, quick breakfasts to quick week night dinners to more complicated recipes for the weekend that I hope you will totally think are worth a little effort.

You will find that much of the success of Paleo recipes is in the technique and the mix of several different Paleo flours so you get the taste and texture you are used to. You will find foods that you can bring to family parties that are Paleo, but people (like my dad) who would never consider eating Paleo, will eat and not even realize that they are Paleo. There are recipes your whole family will enjoy so you do not have to cook separate meals.

Some of the favorites that I love to cook on a regular basis for our family of six are the egg muffins, mac 'n cheese, meatloaf muffins, pizza, sloppy joes, peach rosemary chicken, fajita salad, curry, tikka masala, snickerdoodle cupcakes and the lemon bars. I hope that you too will find lots of favorites that become staple Paleo recipes in your house.

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