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28 Days of Paleolithic Burn (Paleo Diet Book 1)

David Maxwell

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The Paleolithic period began 2.6 million years ago with the invention of primitive stone tools and ended with the beginning of the agricultural revolution about ten thousand years ago. The foods of this period consisted of lean meats, fowl, fish, eggs, vegetables, nuts and fruit. It didn't include sugar, grains, dairy products, legumes (beans), salt, or processed and artificial foods. Researchers examining health from an anthropological perspective have discovered that our ancestors were lean, tall, strong, fit and in good health. The popularly used term "Paleo" is the short form of the term Paleolithic. Hence, the Paleo diet focuses on modern versions of foods that were available to our ancestors in those times. In short, it’s a healthy eating diet that focuses on eating good quality natural foods and cutting out unhealthy processed foods that have little or no nutritional value.

Many people undertake the Paleo diet in hopes of enhancing their overall health, to prevent and fight disease or to change their overall body composition. Most individuals who have tried the Paleo diet are extremely satisfied with it. They lower their body fat, strengthen their immune system, and feel much better overall. Scientists have conducted numerous experiments to test out the Paleo diet, with highly positive results.

This book will give you a four-week diet plan to follow. Details on how to make each and every meal are also provided in the cookbook sections. If you can pull off this 28-day diet plan, you will definitely find yourself leaner, cleaner, and healthier. Good Luck!!

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