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Is a robot vacuum cleaner worth it

Making Life Easier – Is a robot vacuum cleaner worth it?

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 10.28.28 AMBeing a stay at home mom / work at home mom can be a taxing job. Sometimes, it doesn’t feel like anyone can relate. From being selective on who watches my little one, and balancing between mom life and work life, I’ve definitely needed to find things to “make life a little easier”. Isn’t that a dream of all of ours? …An easy life? Gosh, that’d be so nice.
Back in my college days I lived with 4 guys, they had one of these roomba robot vacuum cleaners, and I thought, “How cool, but… how lazy.” Then, I became a mom, and thought “I need help cleaning.” Between my son dropping food on the ground and not wanting the dogs to eat it, I could only do so much on my own as I’m also balancing running a portrait business. So, I opted for the help of a mommies helper. Someone who doesn’t lie, steal, or cheat, to me a robot was the perfect dependable option. So, meet this iLife robot, aka Mr. Clean.

Now, he may not get every ounce of food, but at least he’ll clean once a day leaving me to only deep clean/vacuum once a week.

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So far on his 24-hour journey with us:

  • He’s picked up handfuls of dog hair
  • Is small enough to vacuum under the couch
  • Goes under the table and around all the baseboards
  • Runs well on our carpet and hardwood floors.
  • The dogs don’t seem to mind him.
  • He’s picked up bobby pins, crumbs, and other debris. This would have totally come in handy when my son was younger and it’ll pick up small items that toddlers can easily choke on.

So far, we are so excited that this mommy helper has joined our family. Oh, and he’s practically HALF of the price of a roomba. Go check him out and get him for yourself.

“Mr. Clean, you’ve done well so far! I thought our floors were pretty clean. However, within about 5-10 minutes of using Mr. Clean, he picked up a handful of this lovely stuff throughout our floors. Dog hair, debris, and more!

Need a Mr. Clean robot vacuum cleaner in your life? Here’s where we got ours.

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