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Imessage isn’t working on my mac book pro

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Imessage isn’t working on my mac book pro

One of my favorite ways to text and FaceTime is through my computer. However, I recently encountered an issue after I had changed my password to my apple id.

I searched for weeks on the internet for a solution, and didn’t come across a single one. Then, I figured it out! The how to fix my iMessage and send a number from my cell phone versus my email when sending text messages from my computer.

Why isn’t my number syncing to my macbook?

Why isn’t my phone number showing up in the “start new conversations from:” section. So, I thought I’d help ya’ll out.

Well, here’s my solution that worked for me:

First, open iMessages on your computer.

Click: “Messages” > “Preferences”

After that, on the bottom you should see a “Start new conversations” and it will allow you to select an email of phone number.

If your phone number isn’t showing up as an option to send text messages/imessages from simply go to your iPhone device.

Open settings > messages > iMessage and click it off, then back on.

On your macbook, you should see your phone number pop up under the “Start new conversations from:”

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Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 10.26.52 AM

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