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How to respond to an inquiry

How to respond to an inquiry


“Hi Brittney,
How do I respond to an inquiry when someone contacts me saying,”I love your work, whats your pricing like for family photos?” I always respond with my pricing but haven’t been getting any bookings after that.”

Oh my, we’ve tried a thousand ways to respond and the one that has worked the best for us, is whatever you can do to get them on the phone or to meet in person.

But, here are a few ideas on ways that you can respond:

1. Let your inquirers know what the price is for your average Family Session, and what is included. You can do this via e-mail or by phone.

2. If you’d like to chat with your inquirer on the phone to find out more about them and what they’re wanting you can always reply to them saying something along the lines of, “We love setting up a phone consult for these type of inquiries. We personally would love to know more before we just quote you a random number. We really want to find out what’s important to you. You’ll want to ask about things like… what month or date this client is looking to book, is she wanting prints, a disc of images, where does she want her session to take place, etc. We find asking questions helps us give a good answer on the initial investment. The last thing we want to do is quote someone a price and find out they want something completely different.

3. Set up an in-person meeting, find out the details while you are chatting over a cup of coffee, and listen to this inquirers concerns, then let her know the price point for what he or she is wanting.

The best way we’ve found on how to respond to an inquiry is talking on the phone, or in-person. We’ve found communicating via email isn’t as personable and personally, we love getting to know our clients a little bit before booking their session as well as finding out exactly what they’re wanting so we can match and exceed their exceptions. We’ve also found that our ideal clients love getting to know a little about us as photographers so all-in-all, this process has been a better fit for our business model than just responding via email. My suggestion would be to find a few different ways to chat with inquirers, and see what fits you and your business model the best.

I hope this helps to answer your question and gives you a few ideas for what is the best way to respond to an inquiry!


Brittney Kincannon


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