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How to get your kids to eat vegetables

How to get your kids to eat vegetables


Being a family photographer for 4.5 years has been a crazy-fun adventure, but add on being mom for 1.5 of those years and my goodness, you learn and experiment with things that you didn’t even know you had to experiment with such as.. how to get your kids to eat vegetables.

When we first introduced food to Matthew it was purely natural foods. I gave him everything from fresh avocados, and peas, to mashed up home made chicken fajitas.

It wasn’t until we introduced Matthew to the deliciousness of fruit and baby yogurt that he began to reject his veggies.

For months I had to add extra cheese or tried my best to sneak vegetables into his meals. It wasn’t until he started feeding his veggies to Cian and Lacey that I knew we had a bigger problem. I had thought that me sneaking veggies was working, but apparently anytime I turned around he had put it in one of the dogs mouths. So, outside the dogs went during supper and the brainstorming of overcoming HIS sneakiness was on.

That’s when it hit me. He LOVES drinking and eating what I drink. If I can find a drink… he’ll totally “eat” his veggies.

The day came and I had googled a recipe and decided to use our amazing juicer and create a meal for Matthew of vegetables that he wouldn’t eat on his own, and then some.

I gave Matthew a sip of the drink and he instantly wanted more, and more, and more!

A month later, this kid still loves his veggie drink and now has a “green drink” as part of his breakfast every single morning.

Here’s the recipe we found online, however I’m sure you can find one that fits your guys’ taste buds. We often add extra 1/2 of an apple in order to sweeten it up a tad (since I have such the sweet tooth)! Also, this can take a while to make so we’ve carved out an hour on Sundays to throw everything in the juicer, that way it’s ready in a bowl in the morning for scooping into a cup.

How to get your kid to eat vegetables is quiet easy, especially if you have a juicer.

Here’s the recipe we used searching via google:




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