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Gluten Free Vegan Organic Waffles

Gluten Free Vegan Organic Waffles

As we know, it can sometimes be pretty arduous to find delicious gluten free food. Especially when you’re craving a delicious waffles with fresh blueberries and a layer of peanut better.

A few months ago I found out I was gluten free, and when I did I was certain that delicious baked goods and bread-like breakfasts were a think of the past. That was until I was walking through the grocery store and stumbled upon a bright-lit freezer holding a dozen packages of Gluten Free Waffles. I looked at my husband said, “we have to get these!” I grabbed two boxes and haven’t looked back. My family has been enjoying those waffles smothered in honey, peanut butter, and fresh blueberries ever since. These are by far the best vegan gluten free waffles I’ve ever tried.

So good! 

As I went home and inspected the packaging a little more I found out that these delicious weren’t just gluten free waffles, they were Gluten Free Vegan Organic waffles!

Say what?!

That’s right…

 Gluten Free Vegan Organic Waffles

These are our favorite little breakfast treat throughout the week. My son absolutely loves these. Whether they’re enjoyed by themselves or drizzled with a little bit of honey, they’re seriously delicious.

If you want to grab your box before Saturday morning comes, just click the picture below {or visit this link}  you’re kids are going to LOVE these! ;) Also, the only link I could find was one that sold them in bulk.


You can buy them in bulk through our affiliate link, and by bulk I mean 12 cases of deliciousness!!


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gluten free vegan organic waffles

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