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Finding a GREAT babysitter

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Finding a GREAT babysitter!

Balancing work and motherhood (Part 2 of 5)

When it comes to balancing work and motherhood it is important to find a GREAT babysitter. In order to help alleviate the stress of where to start when choosing your babysitter, I’ve jot down a few ideas that we implemented that made the process a whole lot easier so I hope these help!

One thing I found extremely helpful was asking people I trusted for references. References can start anywhere from your closest friends, and grandparents to nannies, babysitters, and/or daycare centers.

When my husband and I were in need of a babysitter we created a list of important qualities that our babysitter needed to have. We then scheduled time to interview qualified babysitters/childcare providers and a designated time tour local daycare centers (we did this when the children were awake so we could see just how they interacted, felt, and were being treated at the daycare center. When selecting a babysitter or daycare, one of our top concerns were excellent references.

For a daycare center one of the things we were looking for was a low teacher-to-student ratio, outdoor play time, a variety of learning activities, and employees who have had their backgrounds checked.

For a nanny we looked for was someone that our son felt comfortable around, and that upheld similar to our parenting styles. A person that wouldn’t turn on the TV or be staring and their phone, but instead would be more interactive with our son.

Having the option of a babysitter and a daycare center, has allowed me to have more flexibility in my schedule. If I needed to work a little longer or book a last minute session, I know that my son was covered and would be well taken care of whether he was at a daycare of in the hands of a babysitter.

Balancing between working and being a mother is hard work, but with the help of a babysitter it makes being an entrepreneur that much more possible!

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