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Family Day in Seattle Day Orange County to Seattle

Family Day in Seattle | Day One Orange County to Seattle

The One with Cheap Plane Tickets and Playgrounds in Seattle


The alarms went off at 2:00am to alert us of our adventure that was about to begin. Although we’re definitely no friend to 2:00am wake up calls, this was a special occasion. We were going out of town to one of my favorite places, Washington State. I was so determined to get a great deal, I looked at plane ticket prices for weeks before booking. That’s when I found the ticket I had been looking for, a $30 one way, $60 round trip ticket. I knew it’d be possible as I previously purchased round trip tickets to Georgia for the same price, but I was not prepared for the flight to leave at 6:15am from LAX. I’m not sure why I thought it was a good idea, but my goodness where we exhausted. We had to leave our home by 3:00am, to get to the parking lot, park the car, take a shuttle to the airport, go through security, all while carrying a little boy who just wanted to explore. Thank goodness we left early enough as we brought an oversized car seat, accidentally packed more than 3oz toothpaste, AND put all my electronics in one bin. Apparently, you’re only suppose to put your laptop in the bin all by itself. Since we decided those were good ideas, we ended up having to wait for additional security. But, all was good and we made it to our flight with enough time to spare.

One of the things that made it easy is that because we purchased cheap tickets from LAX to SEA it meant we were only allowed 3 personal items and 1 carry on, which made our lives so much easier because it forced us to downsize our luggage and only bring the necessities. One suitcase, one purse, one kid backpack, and one regular backpack.

Other than the extra security, the transition was as smooth as ice. We headed on an airplane to the evergreen state to get a little work-vacation into our lives.

I’ve been to Washington a couple times within the last few years and I fall in love with it each time I’m there so I was excited to see what Jeremiah and Matthew both thought of Washington.

We spent our Friday catching up, enjoying the sun, seeing the city of Seattle, and finding playgrounds for Matthew to let out his bursts of energy. We made friends, got coffee, saw the gum wall, and spent a day living in the city.


Brittney’s Recommendations for Day One:

  • Get this kid friendly backpack. Our son LOVES it, and it has a leash so we can always keep him close while in airports and busy cities.
  • We brought our Cars themed umbrella stroller, but looking back I wish we would have brought our jogger stroller, this one specifically. This would have been super helpful as we spent lots of time walking around Downtown Seattle and the airport. It would have allowed us to have extra storage for our belongings, has 4 awesome drink holders, and reclines for a little one so he could sleep comfortably.Family Day Sammamish


Check out this little playground in the heart of Seattle. We were walking past all the shops holding hands when M looks at me and says, “Playground!” I couldn’t say no, so we walked on over to let him run around and make friends. There was a jungle gym, toys, chalk and a chalk board for drawing, and round circle implanted in the ground for little ones to climb all over and slide down.

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