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Fall Activities for Kids with mason jar orange county mom blog

Fall Activities for Kids

As Jeremiah and I strolled through Target on a quest for household necessities, we came across one of our favorite sections. The Bulleye section. That’s when my eyes met a DYI/ do it yourself mason jar project that was kid friendly.IMG_0725

I’ve been looking for a little Fall seasoned¬†fun for M and I to do together in order to ¬†break up the craziness that happens during the week between work, learning activities, and tv.

We started with taking the mason jar and putting it in luke warm water.

You can either go to Target and purchase them, however just a warning, I went back the other day and they weren’t there anymore. My guess is these are selling out pretty quick. So, if you haven’t see them at target, have no fear. You can order them through Amazon.

What you’ll need:


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