California to Idaho

26 Days in to moving to Idaho

26 Days.. Nearly one month in.

I think when people move out of state, they don’t talk about the hard moments, the moments that have you second guessing the decisions you’ve made so I’m going to let you all in on the scoop of the last few weeks.

We moved to Idaho from California at the beginning of September.

The first week we had family in town, which was lovely! They helped us drive up to Idaho, unload, and get settled in, then they left and that’s when everything began shifting.

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 7.25.20 PM Once the first weekend came around Cian had to go to the emergency vet, some weird stuff started happening around our house with strangers which had us calling the police to report some suspicious activity.. so, needless to say, we had our security system up and running pretty fast.

The second weekend came and both kids ran fevers and got super sick. We had to take G to ER.

Week three has been great though.. I mean, after those two weeks of E.R. visits it had me wanting to move back to our one bedroom apartment with the 4 of us.. haha. I’m like, “Forget having a house.. if my kids and dogs are sick, I’d rather live in a one bedroom in California.” I guess I know my priorities are health. Haha.

This week updates:

We just celebrated M’s birthday this week. I can’t believe he’s 5. He is loving Idaho, having a room, and playroom, and yard. A few friends who lived here prior to us moving, and new friends all came to celebrate him turning 5. Normally every year in Cali we had a pool party for him.. this year in addition to a pool party in Cali, we had a party in Idaho but since the weather is cooler it ended up being at the playground.

We hired on a few associate photographers so we can keep our portrait business running in Cali while we build it up in Idaho. So, if you still need portraits, we can totally still help! ;)

We were able to get some painting done… before the entry way had a blue wall and the whole house was this dark taupe color. Instead we went for a lighter grey to brighten it up a bit.












Also, as I type this.. my computer died.. it seems like all of the outlets in the house are way too big. All of our plugs keep falling out of the walls. Last I checked, we didn’t move to a different country.. all outlets should be the same as the ones in Cali. Hmmm..

Anyway! I figured I’d journal a little to help me not be so home sick, because yes.. as much as I know having a house, yard, and more affordable lifestyle is a better fit for us and our little ones, I still get home sick and miss my parents and friends! Oh, and Matthew’s MMA classes.. those are also on the top list of things we miss.

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