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Amazon Fresh, I checked this out a few years ago, and at the time it seemed more expensive than what I wanted to pay for groceries. However, times have changed and I’ll let you in on the secret as to why I chose Amazon Fresh.

I use to love going grocery shopping, that was until I had a kid. Having a kid changes the way you shop, you have to parent while you shop which means, always being aware of your surroundings, and coaching your child through the do’s and dont’s of the experience. Basically, you lose track of what you were thinking about, and the whole shopping thing turns in to a, how-fast-can-i-get-in-and-out competition with yourself.

So, my husband graciously has done all of the grocery shopping for the past 3 years. Lately, I’ve noticed it would take him about 2 hours to go grocery shopping.¬†Then, we’d forget that we were out of something, had a last minute craving, or realized something was expired so, either him or myself would go back out to the store again. This wasted about another hour out of our week.

Hence, the need for something less time consuming. ¬†After researching Amazon Fresh it turns out it’s cheaper than I thought.

After Amazon Fresh + Amazon Prime, we spend about $26 a month on both services. However, it saves us about 3 hours a week which equals 12 hours a month. 12 hours divided by $26 equals about 2.16. That’s essentially how much we’re paying per week for groceries and toiletries to be delivered to our door. Now, don’t get me wrong, some things are more expensive than others and, for that, we adjust what we get or we choose a cheaper alternative. All in all, the fact that it brings our family a significant amount of less time being stressed, is always a win.


Update:: After 4 weeks of using amazon fresh we officially love it. Here’s some pro’s and con’s that we’ve noticed going a month without going to the grocery store.

Pros for amazon fresh

  • We don’t have to go to the grocery store
  • Our grocery lists, most frequently purchased items, and past purchases are saved
  • They do weekly/bi-weekly deals
  • We save about $100-$300 a month
  • Our food is delivered right to our door step

Cons for amazon fresh

  • In our experience 1 out of the 4 times we’ve ordered eggs, 2 eggs have cracked prior to delivery. (Which wasn’t too big of a deal)
  • Sometimes items aren’t available by your preferred delivery date
  • There’s a $40 minimum purchase for free delivery
  • Because we live in a gated community, we have to schedule “attended” delivery so that if they can’t get into the gate for whatever reason, we can let them in. This has only been an issue 1 out of the 8 times we’ve ordered.

Overall, I can definitely live with the cons as the pros/benefits definitely outweigh them. We absolutely LOVE amazon fresh.

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