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Sunday in Seattle

We’ve been apart of the Saddleback Church family for about three beautiful years. Every now and then they’ll have pastors speak from other churches, that’s when we heard of a pastor from Overlake Christian Church speak and decided that if we were ever in Washington state again, we’d go to Redmond to check it out.

After waking up in Seattle, we grabbed some breakfast and begun our day at Overlake Church. It was lovely and felt just like home. We were greeted with friendly faces and they even had an indoor train that M loved.

Our son loves to refer to church as, “Jesus’ house” so all weekend we called it, “Jesus’ house in Washington”. He didn’t want to leave, they had his favorite toys, and you could tell he enjoyed every minute of it.

After church we drove through different parts of Seattle, stopped by Buckley’s for some breakfast for lunch and ended the day with Uptown coffee, filet mignon stroganoff and family time.

One of the things i’ve realized is that when you’re in Seattle, you walk everywhere rain or shine.


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