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3 Tips to SAVE money every month

With the cost of living escalating in California it’s even more crucial to cut back on the unnecessary expenses. Here are 3 things we did to save us money every month and three tips I wanted to share with you to save money every month.

  1. Movies & TV: These days less and less people have cable, and if you’re one of those families that don’t have cable, you most likely have Hulu Plus (2 week free trial), Amazon Prime, and Netflix. If you have more than one of those, why not narrow it down to just one of those movie streaming services? If you do have cable, did you know that you can save money each month but watching your favorite shows online for FREE on your network of choice such as: / etc. You’ll be able to watch free episodes 48 hours-1 week after the air date. So although it may not be the night of it’ll save you some money each month.

2. Shopping: When our Grocery/Shopping day comes around we start with the 99 cent store, then we go to other stores as needed. The 99 cent store has a variety of shampoos, conditioners, Halloween candy, decorations, cups, plates, party supplies, baby wipes, towels, dish soaps, toilet paper, and even groceries such as: fruit, milk, veggies, bagels. If you’re looking at cutting back on expenses, check out your local 99 cent store. They have some great quality stuff there, of course, the food is not going to be organic but, why not shop for toiletries, cleaning supplies, or other needed items? By doing this we save about $50+ a month, $50 a minimum! That’s a full tank of gas in California, or 10 latte’s from Coffee Bean, or even a much needed date night!


3. Budgeting: I go through our bank statements and see what we spend each month. I then compare it to an excel sheet that I’ve created that lists our expenses/bills & the amounted budgeted for those categories. If you opt not to do an excel sheet you can always set up a free account on which allows you to input your budgets and links to your bank account. This allows me to see what expenses we can cut back on to save us money each month.


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3 tips to save money every month

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