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3 Tips for planning your kids birthday party!

3 Tips for planning your kids birthday party!

With all the stress of planning a kids birthday party and answering the same 20 questions such as, “Where are you planning on having it?” “When will it be?” “Is there anything you’re needing for him?” “What should I get him?” it can be a little overwhelming. So, I decided to create a blog post with a few helpful tips to eliminate your stress. Here’s how I eliminated the stress of planning a kids birthday party.

1. Begin an Evite or a Facebook Event. List ALL of the details there, and if you’re missing a detail just note that you’ll update the group as new details unveil. This eliminates a variety of people texting you the same questions. You can kindly let them know to check the event page for all details.

2. Ask someone for help. Whether it’s for a family member to bring some food, or someone to come early and help set up. It can seem like common sense to some people, but when you’re a mom and you have a plethora of things on your mind and typically you don’t have help throughout the day, it can be hard to remember to ask for help and that you don’t need to do it on your own.

3. This is my favorite: Create an Amazon Wishlist for your child’s birthday. We did this for my son and added a variety of items that we needed/would like him to have. This allowed all of the grandparents and aunts to know what to get him and we were thanked so many times at the fact that we did that, as it made it very easy for them to just hop on the link and purchase an item for Matthew. We added this link in the online invitation that was sent to everyone. You can also create a Registry on Target as well!


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3 tips to help you plan your kids birthday party


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