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$2000 for your business

If I gave you $2000 for your business, what would you buy?

Imagine for a second that you and I were sitting down to dinner and you were telling me about the passion you have for your business and what great you could do in the world with it. I was so floored with your enthusiasm, that I took out my laptop, speedily opened up Amazon and told you that I would pay up to $2000 on whatever you wanted to get for your business. What would you buy?

So, why don’t we take this hypothetical scenario one step further. Here’s what I want you to do, if you want to play along. Go here to Amazon and fill your cart with the items you would get with your $2,000 dollars. Then come back here and share what you would get in the comments and why. Let me know, did you go over? Were you under the $2,000 mark? By how much were you over or under? I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

If you don’t have a business, then just act as though you were going to start one.

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Fill your Amazon cart now, and comment on what you came up with!

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